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As a child I wanted to be a writer and as with most children wishing to be an author, I wrote many short stories that I would entertain my mother with during the day and make up my own bed time stories. Despite this I never read books as a child, on my 7th birthday I received a special bonus gift and was very disappointed when I opened it to find the second Harry Potter book. It took me a few years and the Premier’s reading challenge to really embrace books. I was about 10 years old when I became the quintessential bookworm and you would not find me without a book. (I also became a fan of the Harry Potter series in high school when the final book was released)


Despite this growth in my passion for reading and writing it all seemed to disappear again when I entered University and studies took control of my life. As with many, COVID-19 brought my passion for writing and reading back to the front and I took a writing course with Sydney Community College. I was back in the industry, talking with aspiring authors, connecting with organisations for the sector and attending author talks, festivals and workshops.

As I immersed myself into the sector I was also building my career as an event manager in the for-purpose sphere. I began volunteering with Sister’s in Crime NSW Chapter to run events supporting the female crime writers in NSW. This sparked an idea. I was enjoying my work as an event manager for organisations in the for-purpose space but I loved creating the author events with Sisters in Crime and saw that there were so many amazing festivals, organisations and groups that were looking to support and teach within the sector; what an opportunity to bring my knowledge and passion together.

As an aspiring author I know how much these events can affect someones journey and the friends that you make along the way.

Now I continue to work with the Sisters in Crime NSW Chapter and have joined the team at Book Fair Australia as their event Manager. I want to expand on this and provide assistance to more organisations and authors.

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